Hello, and welcome to Commenting on the Bible.

The purpose is to provide a translation of the New Testament,  and then comment on the content.  Each of these, I hope, will fill a particular need.

There have been so many accretions to Christianity over the past two millennia. We all ‘know’ so much about Christianity: the Trinity, the Son of God, Jesus was divine….The problem is, what we ‘know’ often gets in the way of what the New Testament is actually saying. The purpose here is to look at the NT as a text, as any other text that has come down to us from antiquity. We’re going to strip away what we ‘know’ to look at what is actually said.

As such, this is obviously not a “Christian” blog. I will not be approaching this as if the Bible is inerrant. Everyone is   welcome, and encouraged to comment. I only ask three things:

1) Be civil, respectful, and listen to what is being said;

2) Remember that we are trying to look at what the text actually says;

3) Please try to stay, more or less, on topic.

I value all comments on theology and religious doctrine, but we will be approaching this from an historical, rather than a doctrinal point of view. The emphasis will be: what do the texts that came to form the basis of Christianity actually say? I hope to inspire and engender some discussion.

I’ve decided to start with some of the letters of  St Paul. We are so accustomed to giving priority to the gospels, that I’m not sure that a lot of people realize that most of the gospels were written after Paul had written some of his letters.  As such, the earliest extant Christian documents are the letters of St Paul.  Probably Matthew and Luke. and certainly John were not written till 30-50 years after Paul wrote.  As such, these letters provide the earliest available evidence about what was happening among Jesus’ followers before they became Christians.

  1. I like your approach. It sounds very helpful. All the best!

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