Thanks, Everyone

I just took a look at my stats, and I was very pleasantly surprised at the number of views, and visitors, and everything. So I want to thank you all for taking the time to read what I’m saying. I hope you’re finding this an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

The other thing that impresses me is that some of the regular readers are from the UK and Canada, but also the Philippines, Australia, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, South Africa (and other countries in Africa), and a number of other places. To someone who grew up in the American Midwest, being connected to all these different parts of our ever-shrinking world is very…surprising.

So, that being said, just let me offer a formal “Thank You” to everyone who reads this blog.


About James, brother of Jesus

I have a BA from the University of Toronto in Greek and Roman History. For this, I had to learn classical Greek and Latin. In seminar-style classes, we discussed both the meaning of the text and the language. U of T has a great Classics Dept. One of the professors I took a Senior Seminar with is now at Harvard. I started reading the New Testament as a way to brush up on my Greek, and the process grew into this. I plan to comment on as much of the NT as possible, starting with some of Paul's letters. After that, I'll start in on the Gospels, starting with Mark.

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