Summary Galatians Chapter 6

Despite my contention that the last chapter of these epistles tend to drift off into pastoral concerns or exhortation, there is a fair bit to say about this, the final chapter of  Galatians.

We discussed whether or not Paul used a secretary.  This is a topic which may be reasonably settled, but I’m not aware of it.  High level of risk for me to look foolish on this topic. Oh well. This initially came from the section (Gal 1:10) where we discussed the Athenian form of the verb ‘to be.’  Now. Paul was writing from Athens, but that doesn’t mean he had an Athenian–or any other kind of–secretary.

There was a mention of actions having consequences.  Nothing exactly earth-shattering.

We also had a discussion about an apparent contradiction, in which I showed how pedantic I can be.

One of the more interesting moments was when Paul seemed to tell the assembly to be nicer to other members of the faith. This appears to run contrary to the spirit of Matthew 5:46, in which we are told there’s no benefit to loving only those who love you.

We also revisited the persecutions, and came to the conclusion that the followers of the Jerusalem Assembly were likely the persecutors, since Paul spends a fair bit of time on the whole ‘to be or not to be circumcised’ issue.

Paul also described himself as ‘crucified to the world.’  This is, perhaps, the intellectual or metaphorical beginnings of the idea of mortification of the flesh.  This led to a tangent about Jesus’ relationship–if any–given that Paul never mentions John.

Finally, there was the concept of grace.  But this discussion will  deferred to a later post.

About James, brother of Jesus

I have a BA from the University of Toronto in Greek and Roman History. For this, I had to learn classical Greek and Latin. In seminar-style classes, we discussed both the meaning of the text and the language. U of T has a great Classics Dept. One of the professors I took a Senior Seminar with is now at Harvard. I started reading the New Testament as a way to brush up on my Greek, and the process grew into this. I plan to comment on as much of the NT as possible, starting with some of Paul's letters. After that, I'll start in on the Gospels, starting with Mark.

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